Friday, March 17, 2006

Who? What? Where?

This is not a blog as such, but a couple of questions for all those IT guru's out there. As you can see I recently put up one of those "Cluster Maps" that is supposed record the vast volumes of visits I get (Ho, ho, ok ten or so, its my blog I am allowed to be boring) and where visitors are from.

My questions are:

Are those maps accurate?

If so, who the @@#?, would be reading my Blog in China (or is just some Trojan thingy trying to get in?

I can understand some traffic from Indonesia, I have Jakartass , Treespotter , INDCOUP, who take me to task for some of my more brain dead posts, but China???

I should also note Treespotter had already captured photos of the dreaded TROLLS, so I was a bit late. His latest picture is far more frightening than anything I have..Its something like a British Politician (Kinky lot those brits).

cheers and thanks in advance


treespotter said...

the trolls have contacts too... lots of them around. everywhere all over the place. :-)

the map should be pretty accurate where the logged IPs are concerned. some of them could also be automated bots... Troll's recon unit.

pist expat said...

damn trolls.. lets just run them over with our BMWs

Jakartass said...

Check your traffic stats. eXTReMe Tracking gives me loads of fascinating info - for free.

For example, half my visitors google their way in. 25% (only) come from Indonesia but strangely none from China. Could it be because I use words like democracy and human rights?

If so, sorry but I've just reduced your hits.

oigal said...

Thanks Spotter, Jakartass,
If using words like democracy means no hits from China..thats small price to pay..
From what I have read about google recently you are not going get any hits from China out of Google..bastards

Hey Troll, nice to see you back, hadn't seen you for awhile, we were all so worried..Called your mom and everything. BMW I wish..still its your fanasty not mine..Oh you really should learn to spell a bit better if you are going to pretend to be an expat

Anonymous said...

Although it has IP address from China does not necessarily mean the visitor is actually in China.
People can use public proxy server and it will disguise your IP.
You can be seen as browsing from the north pole (Santa?) if you want to..