Friday, March 24, 2006

Asylum Seekers

As the blurb says on the top of the blog, this blog is supposed to have some stories from Australia. Therefore, it is only fair to report that Indonesia is angry with Australia (again?..But its ok Malaysia took the last turn). See the details here

In brief..
Foreign Ministry spokesman Yuri Thamrin, said "Indonesia was disappointed and "deeply deplored" Australia's decision, accused Australia of a double standard because it had previously rejected applications from asylum seekers from areas other than Papua".

You have to feel sorry for Amanda Vanstone as the Australian Minister responsible for granting Visas (she is also a cartoonist's dream come true). She was on a hiding to nothing for this one. Disapprove the Visa's and she was a heartless dragon, approve it and she is a double standard hypocrite.

Although the Indonesian/Australian rift should be easy to fix. Indonesia can approve "Protection Visas" for the next 43 Australians seeking asylum and protection and Australia won't say anything

See easy tit for tat and problem solved


treespotter said...

you know, i'm really tempted to jump into the fray, but u think i'll be labelled as oz bashing now? it's been very personal :-(

oigal said...

feel free, jump away