Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Safety Safety Safety - Happy Post 6

Just when it was getting desperate, the External Safety Audit guys came to the rescue. What is it with these guys the world over that removes them from reality? Is there some sort of University of Bizarre Consequence on planet Bizarro they all must attend? However I digress..

The Audit was going smoothly with all the usual issues. "Oh that's not good" auditor glancing at exposed bolt 2m up on the wall "Someone could poke themselves with that" ...

Well yea if that someone happen to be Andre the Giant (one for the wrestling fans) or the bolt happened to fall, bounce at right angles to the door..Twist left hit a grassy knoll.... But ok its expected. Then the cruncher:

Auditor - Do you have a Risk Analysis for this equipment?

Answer - Yes here

Auditor - This is bad, it says Risk 1, extremely high risk, you can't use this

Answer - No it says, do not work on internals or remove weather proof covers in the rain or wet conditions

Auditor - So you cannot use this in the rain but it is outside

Answer - No it says you cannot pull it to bits in the rain

Auditor - What if it breaks down

Answer - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Wait

At this stage our friendly liaison guy goes quietly insane whilst his off sider suddenly dashes back with a New Risk Analysis

LG to Auditor - "Wait there is an updated version released this year, its no longer Risk 1 its Risk 2" (handing over the new sheet).

Auditor - Oh good, we cannot have Risk 1 equipment in our operations, what's next...

At this point, I should add, it was the same risk analysis just reprinted off the computer, with the risk score changed from 1 to 2. Further, we will keep using the Risk 1 document because it is not a good plan to strip electrical equipment in the rain as a general rule.

So the went the rest of the Audit..No sure of the final result, we have not got the report back yet, apparently they had a traffic accident on the way home (true)

On another note, The Jakarta Post
had a number of interesting articles and letters today. It would appear that a number of the proposed laws are meeting some resistance.

till next time..Have fun

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