Thursday, March 23, 2006

Kalimantan (Borneo) WOO HOO!!

The Indonesian Coordinating Minister for People’s the People’s Welfare Aburizal Bakrie was quoted by the Jakarta Post yesterday as “Proposing a Social Contract for Human Development”

He was then quoted as saying “a charter on human development would require central and regional governments, NGOs and businesspeople to carry out and support welfare programs.”

And “Every human being had basic rights, such as the right to food security, education, health care and safety”You can get the full article here. here

This is fantastic news, Yosef
who is always seems to be a reliable source of news, business and politics, reported the Bakrie family is rumoured to have close links to the recent buy coal mine buyout in Kalimantan worth 3.2 Billion USD.
See Yosef’s recent post People behind Renaissance Capital.

Aburizul has come out and shown leadership from the front. Based on his statements and connections then Kalimantan should soon a model of business social responsibility. Woo Hoo

No more will foreign multi nationals be allowed to exploit Indonesia saying “that’s the way things are done here”. Minister Aburizul will be able to point to his business connections in Kalimantan and say “There, that’s what we call social responsibility” shape up or ship out”. For too long Indonesia has heard words and platitudes but no action now here is the “MAN” with the position, connections and the resources (tons and tons of resources) to make what he says a reality!

I mean it has to happen doesn’t it.?

I am so excited about this, it been a long time since I have been to Kalimantan and longer since visiting the coal town of Sangatta. I do remember the region being dirty and depressing despite the millions in coal extracted every year. (Where did that money go?).

Well it’s going to change now. I can almost hear the new schools and hospitals springing up all over Kalimantan. The dawn of a new age!!!

Way to go Minister, Woo Hoo!!

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