Monday, March 13, 2006


Hi All,

Seriously busy this week, out and about chasing the almighty $$. I know its not really all that spiritual to be chasing the dollar. But hey as Guru Bob always says "Money cannot buy happiness ..but it does buy a much better class of misery"

In the meantime, may I suggest you click on The Religious Policeman (links on the right). He claims to be a Saudi Muslim, which is subject to some dispute however it is a very well researched and written blog (funny at times as well).

After reading about the Muslim (?) Militants and their crazy ways, have a look at the comments section for the some the Christian Crazies responses ...Mmmm now if there was only a way to get both groups into strait-jackets and one room. They could spit venom at one another all day long and the rest of the human race could get on with living.


treespotter said...

put them all in Cipinang with lots of lego bricks and needles.

oh, and while you're gathering them, mind throwing in all MPs as well? MPR/DPR/BPK/MA and all of them? fence them in and let them run amok...

also i think we should let them blog so we know...

oigal said...

Sounds like plan, as does the ales plan..
As for the Trolls, fair enough you have convinced me. I will when I have can be around a bit more to watch the more sick comments (I mean it is a family blog after all).

P.S. I still think you are wrong on the anti-porn bill..

treespotter said...

how do you think i'm wrong? i'm free to listen... :D

ps: is this referring to my posts at indomatters?

oigal said...

Wrong..was/is probably a bit harsh..lets just say I happen to think the our approaches/attitude to the anti-porn bill vary (nothing wrong with that ..its called freedom of expression). To be fair, I want address it when I have time to put a smidge of thought to the post. Of course, the way things are going, it may be a dead issue before I get off my arse and do the post.