Friday, March 03, 2006

Support Indonesian Culture (all of it)

In keeping with my promise to write nothing but happy posts for ten posts, I am not going to comment on poor sexually insecure little men, with poor education and even less artistic merit. But if you think the above picture is artistic and pleasing to the eye and deserves to be viewed ...I strongly PLEAD/BEG you to go to


Anonymous said...

I've read enough ex-pat blogs to understand that they oppose the anti-pornography laws out of purely artistic and intellectual reasons, of course.

Jakartass said...

Why hide behind anonimity?

oigal said...

I guess its hard to be open and honest, when you harbour such a dark and closed outlook on life.

"Annoying Mouse" said...

actually I did not intend to hide behind anonymity, I was just too lazy to enter my details at the time and did not expect much reaction. Now that it has apparently caused such a ruckus (enough to warrant a post about my comment?! really?!), I am loathe to, er, expose myself, as it were (ahem) but decided to, anyway. So first up, sorry for coming across so snide. I reread it now and can see it comes across that way)
The reaction I got was far more than I expected and assumptions were made. I do not support the anti-pornography plans in their current form, I merely questioned the real motives behind the freaking out that seemed to be happening.

I think the whole issue hit a raw nerve for me. It was not intended to be racist (I'm a Brit, not Indonesian) nor did I intend to come across as a twat (point to note: I have one, and I believe that precludes me from being one, although you have other nouns at your disposal)
My point is that I found it odd that on the one hand there are sites such as jakartablokm that celebrate the underage sex to be had and the delightful girls available for consumption together with the blog on Indonesian celebrities (yes, except they are only the semi-naked female ones) and then on the other hand is this apparent immense interest in Balinese art. Do ex-pat men (and honestly my opinion of this demographic has been sorely tarnished recently. Fair or unfair, I say only that this has hit a raw nerve with me) do they really gaze at balinese art more than they do at the indonesian 'totty'?
Pornography and its place in society can be debated until the prudes come home, and frankly the opinion is so divided I doubt any arguments I put forward could so much as dent the resolve but there is more here than just art.
Take into consideration the illegality of owning child pornography in much of the world including the UK. This is also censorship, but the alternative would be for it to be ok to have sexualised pictures of children?
I do agree, however that to put forward sweeping generalisations as to what constitutes pornography is daft (and counter productive - we all know how a century ago the mere glimpse of a woman's ankle was a distraction, whereas now it takes a whole lot more to titillate)
Ok, I am really rambling now. I was just being cynical, not racist.

oigal said...

"annoying mouse'

Thank you for an articulate and interesting post with many points fair and true (and some I disagree with but hey), which I shall try to address shortly (but at the moment I am stuck with my happy post promise..bugger).

Couple of quick points..

1. Twat is really very naughty word? Maybe I have had a sheltered life, is it is please advise and I shall change it.

2. I may have confused you with another anonymous poster, who has been playing "Troll" with some really nasty comments which tends to get on my dark side and therefore I get short and grumpy in my replies. If so sorry, happy to talk about this in reasoned manner.


and thanks for taking the time to put me right..I promise to get back to you