Monday, March 20, 2006


Had a bit of chuckle today. Taking some time off to read that Prince of Newspapers, the Jakarta Post, A MR/MRS/MISS (whatever) Sierra has written a letter to the editor on the evil habits of Indonesian movie goers. With their catcalls, yahoos, talking etc etc, he had thoroughly miserable time. He also chose the movie "Brokeback Mountain", which was always going to be a hoot to watch in an Indonesian theater.

Poor Sierra doesn't realise that unlike the West, watching movies in Indonesia in Indonesia is most often an inter-active experience. People go to have good time with their friends and relatives, chatting, catcalls and generally having a good time is an obligation. The movie is at best, background for a jolly good social outing.

Not that you can blame Indonesian movie goers. Those who are not fluent in English (and why should they be) have been subjected to years of abysmal sub title translations and censored movies by the Indonesian Censor Board (pictured). The Censor board is infamous for editing movies with no thought given to flow, format or context. One of my personal inane favorites (and forgive the language)was Wesley Snipes yelling "You MotherF@cker" only to be subtitled "Orang Bodoh" (You silly/stupid person) which does not really carry the same impact.

Even after many years here, if I really want to see a movie in the "traditional" (?) manner. I sneak out during a week day morning when the theaters are deserted or and this is the best angle, comes with side benefits. I suggest to the family its time they go and did something fun. Naturally, I cannot go due to urgent work commitments (never said I was an angel and I do play up the working slave angle). I then settle down for 2 hours of movie bliss. Of course, if you time it right and spread a few writing papers around, ensuring you are hard at work when they return.... You achieve the much sought after title "Kasihan" (poor soul), you had to work and we had such a good time". This is your link to pampering for the rest of the day.

So Sierra, my advice go to the movies, enjoy the interactive aspects and absorb all. After all there is always the DVD so you really can get the best of both worlds.


treespotter said...

I'm not sure where you are, but if you're in Jakarta, the first week midnight show is usually not censored. that's the best time to see a new movie in the full glory really.

oigal said...

Jak is not usual stomping ground but if there is a movie that really needs the "big screen" experience then I will make the track in. I was not aware of midnight show thing thanks (but aren't I supposed to be at Blok M pulling underage just joking..stereo types right).

Seriously, I actually do like going to the local theater near here and watching the "interactive show" I don't think we will get Brokeback Mountain tho.. lol

Anonymous said...

i leave this one for you two to kadoodle over, stumpie and spottie